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Awesome time, without a bit of stress

As a group of Portuguese and Spanish native speakers, we’d like to share with you our love of the Iberian Peninsula. This is why our Portuguese and Spanish classes online are based on passion connected with love of teaching others. Without stress, grading, homework piling up or rigid atmosphere, of course. Be sure we hate these things too. We know you have your own language learning preferences, which is why we won’t impose anything on you – we’ll try out varying methods and techniques with you, and later, together, we’ll choose the one that is the most well-fit for you. We’ll make sure it’s effective as well 😉 Do you love Disney movies and dislike language textbooks? It’s challenge accepted! We’ll be happy to tailor a Portuguese or Spanish course especially for you… while using your favourite childhood TV shows and movies with no textbooks whatsoever!

100% tailor-made class

Your work requires you to know language on a certain level in a given amount of time? We’ll pinpoint your goals and establish a timeframe of your learning, so that you’ll achieve the level of proficiency you want in the exact time you want it. Perhaps you don’t like planning ahead and language learning is for you just a way to relax? In this case, we might put some emphasis on Portuguese or Spanish conversations on topics related to the Iberian Peninsula culture. So, what’s the best way of learning Portuguese or Spanish online, you might ask? Well, it’s your own way! You’ll be the one to decide the classes’ schedule. If you are not certain about it, we’ll advise you on the preferable frequency while taking into account your goal and financial preference. We’re all people, and can understand you might be having a bad day, week or month. We’ll adjust our schedule to your availability during that time, no worries.

Classes online, while sitting comfortably on your sofa

Do you think you don’t have time for learning? We won’t take too much of it. Well, our Portuguese and Spanish conversations happen via Skype, so you can plan to have your lesson between client meetings, during a break between work and gym, or exactly the way you prefer. The only thing that you’ll need in order to see us is a laptop with an internet connection, which means you can be having classes from every place on the planet. Whether you’re at home, embraced by your sofa, at a coffee place, while drinking your favorite coffee, or at an airport, while waiting for a delayed flight. Portuguese and Spanish classes online can be especially appreciated during the afternoons or on Fridays, when your city’s streets are being taken by traffic. Since you don’t need to arrive at a language school in order to meet us, you’ll be able to save a lot of time avoiding being stuck in a traffic jam. Convenient, isn’t it?



Olá, welcome to my Iberian School. My name is Dulcídio Coelho and I’m Portuguese born in Porto. Few years ago I fell in love and it brought me to Poland where I started to spread my native language. My easy going attitude and professionalism took me through a lot of private schools, university, hundreds of students and lead me to make teaching my way of life. In this new adventure I want to bring you good Spanish or Portuguese natives with a lot of experience internationally to help you to succeed.
Hola, que tal? My name is Óscar Gonzalez and I come from Spain. I graduated in Hispanic Philology and already have more than ten years experience in teaching people passionate about learning Spanish. Since my students are from the fourth corners of the world, we share not only good moments learning, but we also get familiar with each others’ cultures. If you want to study Spanish online, I would like to make this new challenge easy and fun for you.

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