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Why should you visit the northern part of Portugal? Explore the most interesting places!

Braga - Portugalia

If you are planning a trip to Portugal, we recommend that you plan your trip carefully as Portugal offers so many beautiful places to visit that it would be a pity to miss something! Today we have prepared 5 places in the north of this country that have captivates everyone. Come see what we have for you!

1. Porto and the Cais da Ribeira district

First: Porto . We will probably not surprise anyone with this choice, but it is impossible to ignore this beautiful city. Upon arrival in the city, make your way to the port area of Cais da Ribeira . It belongs to the historic part of the city that has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List . Here you will find great architecture and plenty of fresh seafood eateries. If you know Portuguese for Beginners , feel free to use it and order food in Portuguese !

Porto and the Ponte Dom Louis I bridge

Then, check out one of the finest bridges in this part of Europe, the Ponte Dom Louis I. This is a two-story metal bridge over the Douro River . It looks spectacular, not only at sunset, and you will have a different view of the city from each part of it.

Porto and the Palacio da Bolsa Stock Exchange

Palacio da Bolsa or the former stock exchange is a beautiful building that looks beautiful both inside and out. Rich stuccoes, chandeliers and mosaics will dazzle you with precision and craftsmanship. While strolling through the palace you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the famous wine and many interesting facts from the history of the city itself. 

2. Guimaraes and its center inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

You can write an entire guidebook about Porto itself, but for the moment we’ll just give you a taste of the city tour and move on quickly! We suggest heading north and explore this beautiful part of Portugal as far as you can. 

So from Porto you can go to Guimaraes , the city that was Portugal’s first capital . The beautiful center of Guimaraes is on the UNESCO World Heritage List . It is worth spending a few hours on the center itself, because the charming, winding streets ask you to get lost in them and admire the architecture, as well as soak up the atmosphere of the place. If you get lost, take the opportunity to test your beginner or advanced Portuguese language and ask for directions in Portuguese! 

3. Historic, beautiful Braga

Another city to visit in the north is certainly Braga , a very old city that is over 2,000 years old! Train your Portuguese language for beginners and try not to search for one of the most beautiful Portuguese cathedrals on the map – Sé de Braga ! Ask other passers-by for directions to her. In addition to the cathedral, in Braga you will find many smaller churches and sanctuaries with beautiful interiors and historic art. 

4. Little Barcelos and Portuguese roosters

Heading west of Braga you will come across the beautiful, though small town of Barcelos . It is famous for the production of classic, typically Portuguese pottery and for roosters, which have become the symbol of the town. Barcelos is full of winding, picturesque streets through which you can walk for a few hours and it won’t get boring at all.

5. Viana do Castelo by the ocean

Heading north-west you will reach Viana do Castelo situated by the ocean. This is another example of a city that is decorated with countless monuments from several hundred years ago. Undoubtedly noteworthy is the sanctuary de Santa Lisa , which lies at the top of the hill. If you have strength in your legs, we recommend walking up the mountain, but if you prefer a more comfortable way to get to the top, you can use the cable car and see the panorama of the city along the way. When you get tired of visiting the sights, you can relax on one of the beautiful beaches and swim in the warm ocean water.

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