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Support the language skills of your employees – online Portuguese courses

język portugalski online

Support the language skills of your employees – online Portuguese courses

Companies that want to grow not only within their home country but also want to operate on foreign markets should invest in the best possible preparation of employees to understand foreign reality. If you cooperate or want to expand cooperation with Portuguese markets, make sure that learning Portuguese is high on the list of priorities in your company.

Cooperation of Polish and Portuguese markets

Cooperation between the Polish market and the Portuguese market has started to develop very well for several years. Analysts note that Portuguese brands can have a real impact on the expansion of Polish companies in South America. While Poland may turn out to be a strategic partner for Portuguese companies that will have Russian and Ukrainian markets in close range. Both countries benefit greatly from the growing number of investments that are emerging within them. If your company is conducting or is planning to cooperate with markets in Portugal or South America, learning Portuguese for your employees may be necessary.

Why invest in your employees

A well-planned company development is based on many well-thought-out actions. All the details depend on the profile in which the company is operating. Even if your company is focused on working in Polish or English, you will certainly notice or have already noticed the need to develop the language skills of your employees. Of course, if you work with Portuguese markets, learning Portuguese will be important.

Why learning Portuguese is so important

If your company cooperates with the Portuguese market, then your employees certainly spend a lot of time learning about the realities of the foreign market. Nothing allows you to understand a given environment or culture as well as getting to know it through the original language. What’s more, probably sooner or later your employees will travel to Portugal. In this situation, it would be really good if they knew the basics of Portuguese.

Benefits of learning Portuguese online

Learning Portuguese allows your employees to better understand the markets they work for. In addition, if they plan short or longer trips to countries where they can easily communicate in Portuguese, then knowledge of this language will certainly be very valuable to them. We know that everyone has different schedule of a day, and in addition, not everyone likes to participate in group classes. We adapt to the needs of our students and offer comfortable online Portuguese classes. Thanks to that, you can offer your employees an individual Portuguese language course at home.

What are the other benefits of learning Portuguese online?

We know that everyone has their own way for effective language learning, which is why we want to offer you and your employees personalized Portuguese learning cycles. After the initial conversation, we will determine all the necessary guidelines and propose the shape of future classes. The most important guidelines will include:

  • level of Portuguese,
  • meeting frequency,
  • meeting dates,
  • range of learning material,
  • goal to achieve.

Based on such preliminary information, we are able to offer optimal Portuguese language programs that will certainly be appealing to anyone who starts learning Portuguese. During the classes you may find that the Portuguese courseneeds to be adjusted – we guarantee that we will adapt it to the needs of our students.

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