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Spanish writers – see who is worth reading in Spanish!

There are many ways to learn Spanish effectively, but the main purpose is to make it pleasant and, above all, effective. Can you be motivated to learn Spanish by learning about the achievements of Spanish writers? Of course!

Individual online Spanish classes

One of our students asked if the individual course of Spanish online could be based on curiosities from the field of Spanish literature. The idea turned out to be a bull’s-eye, and classes were fascinating both for the student and the teacher. The level of knowledge of the language allowed the student to improve conversational skills, as well as to get acquainted with fragments of his favorite works in the original. His love of Spanish literature made him enthusiastic about continuing to learn Spanish, and in addition … he signed up for lectures on Spanish literature!

It started with Cervantes

The choice of subjects for the classes was a bit untoward because our student had just watched the movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote by Terry Gilliam and wanted to get to know the writer’s figure as well as the original version of the adventures of the brave nobleman from La Mancha. The choice of a Renaissance artist who was greatly talented in Spanish language became the beginning of a series of meetings about Spanish literature.

Beautiful Winter in Lisbon in the style of noir movies

During the next class of the Spanish online course, more contemporary writers appeared. Staying in the trend that combines film and prose, the Spanish teacher proposed excerpts from the novel Winter in Lisbon by Antonio Munoz Molina. This novel is written in beautiful language and paints for the reader images and even entire sequences that appear before the eyes as if they were scenes from the movie. This is not surprising, because the atmosphere in the novel is similar to what we can read from classic noir movies. Our student liked the prose of Molina so much that he borrowed from the library the next novels of this author – The absence of Blanka and Wind of the moon.

Dark and captivating The Shadow of the Wind by Zafón

Following the last of Molina’s titles, a Spanish teacher suggested a beautiful novel by one of the most recognizable Spanish authors – Carlos Ruiz Zafón. The Shadow of the Wind is a rich, multi-threaded novel, which takes place in Barcelona in the second half of the 20th century, the world presented there is intriguing and dark at the same time. The language used by Zafón deserves attention not only in translation, but above all in the original. Sign up for an online Spanish course and, if you feel up to it, start exploring the chapters of this beautiful Spanish novel with us!

Sensational The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud by Navarro

For dessert, we left the Spanish author, Julia Navarro, who in 2004 published a great sensational novel The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud. This book quickly became a bestseller in Spain and was translated into many languages, including of course English. A criminal story that begins with a fire in the famous Turin Cathedral will certainly not be easily forgotten. This is of course not the end of the review of the famous Spanish writers who appeared on the Spanish course online, but we hope that we will inspire you to find your individual formula for classes with our Spanish teacher!

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