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Prepare your students for the Erasmus + program! Practical Portuguese Classes

The Erasmus student exchange program has been operating since 1987 and constantly helps to build good relations between European universities. For some time there is also available Erasmus + program that is targeted at primary, secondary and vocational schools. Check why you should participate in the program and take advantage of its benefits.

Why use Erasmus + program

Participation in the Erasmus + program will be very useful when learning foreign languages, including of course Portuguese. Student exchange is a great opportunity to improve your language skills in everyday life situations in a foreign country.

We talked with students we helped in learning Portuguese before leaving, as well as those who returned after completing the internship. We asked about how they feel before leaving, how they evaluate their level of Portuguese, whether they have any concerns. While before leaving some of the students felt excitement mixed with uncertainty, all who came back told us that it was one of the best adventures in their lives.

The conclusions of our conversations, as well as reports on their stay in Portugal we will place in a separate entry on our blog. But we can already say that each of our students has found a place in new reality, their vocabulary and conversation level has been good enough that they easily communicated during the trip.

Who can participate in Erasmus + program?

It is beneficial to be aware that there is such a Program as Erasmus + which is targeted at groups. In the Erasmus + program can participate:

  • primary school students,
  • higher education students,
  • high school and college students.

Schools and students can write projects that can be implemented by the national Erasmus + programs or the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels.

The considerable advantage of the Erasmus + Vocational education and training program is that under one project, beneficiaries may be students from different fields of education (e.g. different internship programs for specific professions), they can carry out their internships in different countries (e.g. in Portugal and Spain ) and at various times. In addition, vocational school graduates can also take part in the project if you complete your internship within a year of leaving school. Participation in the Erasmus + program is a great opportunity to learn about culture, art, but also the flexible and diverse climate of Portugal.

Erasmus + is a long-term program, which covers activities taking place from 2014 to 2020. The overall budget allocated for 2014-2020 is as much as EUR 14.7 billion. The detailed breakdown of this amount is as follows:

  • 63% of the total budget for learning mobility,
  • 28% of the total budget is for cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices,
  • 4.2% of the overall budget is intended to support policy reform.

The website contains applications and forms to fill, as well as a calendar with deadlines covering all applications.

We offer support in learning Portuguese

By writing the adequate application for the Erasmus + program, you can make learning Portuguese easier and more enjoyable for your students. We will help you prepare them for trips to Portugal so that they feel free when it comes to language conversations. When preparing materials for vocational and technical schools, we take into account the specialized scope of vocabulary that will be subject to the course of study.

In addition, we ensure that:

  • we develop an individual learning path for each group of students, taking into account the level of Portuguese language as well as the individual needs of the students.
  • We prepare a set of materials for each class that we will use.
  • We also prepare extra homework, additional exercises, developing and complementary.
  • We conduct conversations during each class so that students quickly overcome the language barrier and implement use of the Portuguese language.

If you have any questions or want us to schedule classes under an individual scope of study – connect with us – we will definitely help!

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