Levels of Learning 

A – Going for a walk

A1-This is the starting point for a beginner. At this level you learn to exchange basic information in everyday situations. You will quickly be able to conduct a brief conversation and to understand the essence of simple messages. This is your first, important step in discovering a new language.

A2-In this module you evolve from beginner to basic user. You will be able to express yourself in everyday situations, write simple texts, manage short, social interactions and understand the essence of news coverage. In short, your self-confidence in expressing yourself in the language will grow rapidly.

For this level our suggestion is to have two classes per week. This way you will have more contact with the language and you will see the results faster.

B – I know what I want and I can show you how!!!

B1- You have reached a point where you can conduct a smooth conversation in a pretty autonomous manner. The topics are not only about yourself but also about the world in which you live and work. You manage to understand the essence of texts on familiar topics. Expressing your own experiences, opinions and impressions will go smoothly, both orally and in writing.

B2- At this level you manage to express yourself in an accurate and subtle manner. You succeed in formulating your views on current events and professional topics in a coherent manner. In discussions you hold a clear point of view from which you accurately describe important details. In complex situations, you will also know how to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

For this level is up to you. You can have one or two classes per week. Some people prefer just to improve talking and want to have one class per week just to keep sharp. 


C1- At this level you can communicate convincingly on almost any topic. You will have mastered the language both in professional discussions and informal conversations and as a result will be an effective communicator. You know how to relate a subject in an interesting way. Your presentations are not just entertaining, they even contain a touch of humor. You succeed in hitting the right tone. In print communication you also prove you master the language.

Here you just need one class per week to not forget or to confuse the language with other languages that you know. 


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