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Malaga for the weekend – what to see

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It is not worth postponing New Year’s resolutions to the last minute! If you dream about a trip to Spain and a Spanish course – start working now! As an encouragement, we are sending you a short guide to Malaga and we encourage you to start Spanish courses in our school today.

The beautiful city of Malaga tempts with a sunny landscape

Málaga is situated in the very south of Spain , roughly the same height as African Algiers . Therefore, it is not difficult to conclude that the weather in this city is beautiful all year round. In the coldest months of the year, the temperature drops to an average of 16 degrees Celsius during the day and 12 degrees Celsius at night, so it’s really warm. For this reason, Málaga is quite a popular destination all year round. 

Spanish Course – Start Today!

Winter trips to warm Spain are usually one of these two – you may treat it as a holiday, but also as an additional Spanish course . It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable forms of learning a language! However, to learn the basics of the Spanish language and listen to stories – not only about Malaga – we want to offer you Spanish course with our teacher – Óscar! You can find all the details on our website. We also encourage you to read the article from which you can find out how your Spanish lesson can look like

Alcazaba – traces of history

It is worth starting your sunny trip around Malaga with exploring the charming corners of the old town. You will find there Alcazaba , the remains of palace fortifications that were built before the 9th century by the Romans, then rebuilt by the Moors. The name of this fortification comes from the word citadel , which in Arabic is al-quasbah . Its primary function was to defend the city and the port against pirate invasions. A large part of the palace has survived to this day, and thanks to the restoration work, you can visit it and admire many interesting exhibits, such as ceramics from the times of the Phoenicians . Moreover, inside the castle there are magnificent gardens founded by Moorish and then Catholic rulers.

Roman Theater – the remains of Teatro Romano

In Málaga there are fragments of a beautiful theater that was built by the Romans in the 1st century BC! During the time when Málaga was conquered by the Moors, the theater was largely ruined as the Moors used the stone from the theater to build the nearby Alcazaba . Entry to the theater is free. The ruins of the building are also worth visiting in the evening, because it is richly and beautifully illuminated. Lighting is also installed on the adjacent Alcazaba. The whole thing makes an extraordinary impression and is an interesting tourist attraction.

The beautiful port of Puerto de Málaga – the second largest one in Spain

In addition to exploring the historic part of the city, it’s also worth taking some time to walk and look at the seaside port . It is very impressive, because it is the second largest port in Spain. There are many boutiques along the waterfront as well as Spanish souvenir and handicraft shops . At the end of the quay is the majestic La Farola lighthouse . During the day, you can admire its shape, and at night, admire its strong, calm light. 

Don’t forget to relax on the beach

Málaga has some very charming places when it comes to beaches , guides say there are 15 beaches in Málaga, so there is really a lot to choose from. One of the most popular spots is the lovely Malagueta Beach . Along it, there are a number of small Chiringuito , small wooden boxes where you can try a local delicacy fire-baked sardines

Sightseeing without food? It does not count!

However, if you want a richer Spanish menu , just sit in one of the coastal restaurants and order at least seafood paella . In Málaga it is difficult to find a place where seafood would not be good. This town is perfect for gourmets calamari, clams and a variety of fish . This is where you can taste the original salad with fish and fresh orange , squid rings , or spicy shrimps with chili pepper . Finally, don’t forget the dessert ! Check the local map for marked points where they serve crunchy hot chocolate churros . While in Málaga, it is impossible not to try them! You can eat them with chocolate or ask for coating with sugar or powdered sugar. You will surely remember this delicacy for a long time, we guarantee! You can read more about cuisine, but from Spanish neighbours in the article Learn Portuguese through regional Portuguese cuisine, part 2 – breakfast.

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