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Learning Spanish at home? It’s possible

Knowledge of Spanish is an extremely useful skill not only when traveling, but also in everyday life. There’s a reason why employers are increasingly looking for candidates who have at least a communicative level. It is the second most popular language in the world after English! However, despite the desire to learn, we simply do not have the opportunity to take a full-time course in our location. Then we have to study at home, which can be as effective as in the case of a stationary group course. Let’s check how to achieve it.

Where to start learning Spanish at home

In the beginning it is worth learning some useful words. Thanks to this, we will create a language base on which to build the first simple sentences.

  • Self-adhesive cards

The first way to learn vocabulary at home is to use the “sticky notes” method. For this purpose, let’s prepare sticky notes on which we will write Spanish words specifying individual items.

It is worth already at this stage to use appropriate articles (eg “la mesa”, “el espejo”), so that it will immediately become a habit.

Sticky notes prepared in such a way are then attached on the proper objects and each time we entered a room we read them aloud. We will not even realize how quickly we will learn these words by heart, without looking at the cards.

  • Flashcards

Another way for us to learn new words quickly and comfortably is by using language flashcards. We can buy ready sets in the bookstore or create them ourself. The flashcards are rectangular cardboards with a Spanish phrase on one side and a translation in our language on the reverse. The science is to read and remember the phrases on the cards, translating them one by one until you know the translation without having to flip the flashcard to the other side. It’s a great way to learn Spanish words almost anywhere, when traveling by public transport, while waiting in the waiting room or while walking.

  • Spanish dictionary

An effective way to learn Spanish vocabulary is to work with a dictionary. Every day we choose a few (maximum) 5 words whose Spanish meaning we would like to learn. Then check them in the dictionary and repeat them out loud several times a day to consolidate their Spanish sound. For example, you can choose a word from your shopping list and repeat the Spanish name when you put it into the basket. This way, our mind will connect the word with the real object we see.

Useful tools and applications for learning Spanish

For language learning, there are plenty of helpful apps available on the phone or via web browser. They allow you to learn not only the vocabulary but also the grammar of the language in a convenient and simple way, thanks to which we obtain an excellent base for further deepening of Spanish. Here are some application suggestions:

  • Duolingo

This is a popular language learning application that can be used to accurately determine our expectations and level of existing knowledge. Duolingo adapts the curriculum to the user’s knowledge level. The advantage of the application is also the ability to learn how to write and read, as well as the correct pronunciation of individual Spanish expressions.

  • SuperMemo

Another suggestion is an application that allows you to learn a language broken down into individual blocks: vocabulary, grammar, phrases or tests. The idea of ​​the application is learning through regular repetition, which is why SuperMemo makes sure that the user receives notifications about the need to repeat the already learned material.


The third solution for learning Spanish through internet tools is to use application dedicated to this language. Like the previously mentioned applications, it allows you to undergo language training determining the level of knowledge, as well as the use of learning vocabulary or grammar. However, this application will be suitable for people who already have elementary knowledge of the language.

Spanish online – a course with a native speaker

If you want to learn a language at a level that allows you to be able to use it fluently in speech and writing, and also understand it by ear, then the best idea will be an online Spanish course. Without leaving home, with the internet available, we can take lessons using Skype. Sitting comfortably on the sofa, we can learn Spanish with a professional teacher who will make sure that the course is stress-free for us and learning is a pleasure. Nothing improves knowledge (words or grammar) as well as a real conversation with an experienced teacher.

The online Spanish classes offered by Coelho Iberian School is a great way not only to learn a language, but also to learn about the culture of the country, which will be a huge advantage when interacting with native Spaniards, for example, during business meetings.

How to start an online course?

It’s easy! To start, try our Spanish classes for free. During the 45-minute conversation with the teacher, you will set a goal and plan the next meeting. You can choose to buy 1, 4 or 8 hours of classes, which you will use at a convenient time for you.

An online Spanish course at Coelho Iberian School is the best way to learn a language at home, with full time flexibility and comfort that is so important for people who do not feel confident during group lessons.

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