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Learn Spanish in a fun and easy way – check how your Spanish class can look like in our school!

lekcje języka hiszpańskiego

Are you wondering what Spanish online is like at Coelho Iberian School and where do we get inspiration for the topics of the classes for students? Today we will tell you about it. How about we show you answers to the most frequently asked questions. Check what our lessons look like and why they are so effective!

Learning Spanish without tests? Of course!

One of our students, Anna, wrote an e-mail to us before the classes started: 

Learning Spanish is my dream because I want to go to Spain for next summer vacation. However, I have a very bad memories from school years and its way of classes, tests and the stress that my teacher always caused me. I would like to know what my lessons at Coelho Iberian School will look like and will I have to stress about the tests?

One of the most frequently discussed topics is the form of learning Spanish . We understand that learning at school was not always enjoyable and can still bring back stressful memories to this day. The way we conduct our lessons is completely different from the typical school one:

  • we adjust the program to your level of advancement,
  • we set an individual schedule of classes with you,
  • we prepare interesting topics for classes,
  • we adapt to your expectations,


  • we don’t grade,
  • we don’t stress,
  • we don’t ask you to write testes (unless you like them),
  • we don’t ask questions about homework (unless you choose a typical course).

Don’t worry, learning Spanish with us is not like learning Spanish at school or in a regular language school. If you don’t like tests, that’s great, because you won’t have a single one with us. Do you like to learn from flashcards, mind maps and graphic notes? Any class can look like this. Or maybe you only want to train the spoken language? Everything is possible with us. We believe that learning Spanish can be fun and effective at the same time – it’s our responsibility to teach you Spanish!

Learning Spanish for busy people? Yes, it is possible with us

Sebastian has a lot of work to do during the week but would like to continue learning Spanish as he knows it will be useful for his career. See what his doubts were before starting classes in Coelho Iberian School

I want to continue learning Spanish but during the week I work hard and have very little time to study. Can we adjust time of classes to my weekly schedule or have classes on Saturdays?

We know that nowadays we always have too little time and we try to use it as best as possible. With Sebastian we agreed to set schedule from class to class. If Sebastian knows that today or tomorrow he will have a free hour during the day, he contacts the teacher and books time for conversations. Thanks to this, he does not have to worry that his work will interfere with the pleasure of learning Spanish and he also knows that he will not miss a single lesson. 

Any unusual wishes about the material you will be learning Spanish from? We will take up every challenge!

Matylda is a lover of food and regional cuisine from every corner of Europe. She raises two children, runs a travel blog and travels frequently to various European regions. Check out what she asked about before learning Spanish at our school!

I am a mother of two energetic and curious about the world children, I run my own business, write about travels on my blog and use every possible opportunity to discover new tastes and cook the most delicious dishes from around the world. I try to combine all my passions and have been traveling with my family a lot in Europe for five years. Recently we visit Spain a lot and I would love to improve my knowledge of Spanish. However, I have a question, could I learn Spanish based on regional, Spanish recipes, culinary habits and products? I really care about this specific area of Spanish language and I wonder if it is possible?

What do you think, did Matylda manage to fulfill her wish to learn Spanish in the kitchen? Yes of course! The entrepreneurial mother has been studying Spanish online for over half a year now and Spanish cuisine has no secrets from her. We won’t be surprised if soon we get an invitation to opening of a Spanish tapas bar in Matilda’s hometown!

We would like to thank Anna, Matylda and Sebastian that we could use their questions 🙂

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