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Learn Portuguese through regional Portuguese cuisine! Part 1 – desserts

kuchnia portugalska

The Portuguese love to eat delicious, sweet desserts . The local cuisine could not be possible without puddings, thick cream based on yolks and French pastry. If this sweet happiness was not enough, you should also know that the Portuguese combine all delicacies with delicious Portuguese coffee! And we assure you that learning Portuguese with Portuguese cookies and coffee is a sweet pleasure!

Pastéis de nata – we couldn’t start otherwise!

Perhaps pastéis de nata is the most popular dessert in Portugal, but we cannot resist its taste and we eat them every time at the very beginning of our visit to < strong> Portugal . This Portuguese delicacy is a small tartlet of puff pastry, filled with sweet and heavy custard cream. The whole thing is perfectly baked and fabulously delicious. You’re probably wondering how this delicious dessert relates to learning Portuguese ? Well, we have a theory for that. If you try pastéis de nata once, learning Portuguese will be sweet and good, just like these Portuguese cupcakes !

Queijadas – sweet cheese delicacies from Sintra

The purpose of this article is to encourage you to learn Portuguese by introducing you to sweet Portuguese desserts . Our second argument is no less delicious than the first, and it is queijadas , a delicate, shortbread cookie filled with a sweet cloud made of three types of cheese. This cheese biscuit tastes similar to marzipan . The most delicious queijadas or queijadas de Sapa can be found in Sintra , near Lisbon. It is therefore worth including Sintra on the sightseeing list, not only because of the interesting architecture and beautiful, mysterious palaces.

Ovos moles – the Portuguese love eggs

In this dessert, the Portuguese express their love for eggs ( ovos moles – soft eggs). Their sweet filling is made of yolks combined with sugar, and the whole is placed in a delicate wafer dough, shaped like shells, fish or barrels. In Portugal each region is famous for a different sweet treat. Ovos moles is the specialty of the city of Aveiro and the surrounding region. It is worth visiting this wonderful port town not only for sweets. If your learning Portuguese includes exploring both Portuguese sweets and beautiful cities – be sure to add Aveiro to your list of places to visit!

Arroz doce – the sweetest and the most delicious rice

This dessert can very well replace a second course, as long as you like sweet dishes for dinner . Arroz doce is a delicious dish cooked with rice with the addition of milk, lemon peel, cinnamon sticks, sugar and yolks. It tastes great and goes well with afternoon bitter coffee. 

Find your way to learn Portuguese!

Learning Portuguese can be even more fun if you can find your key to do it. In this article, we wanted to encourage you to learn the language by showing you how unique Portuguese desserts can be. But remember that everyone can have their own way of learning and your way to learn Portuguese could be for example getting to know Portuguese monuments, theaters, museums or… main courses! Either way will be good as long as it motivates you to systematically and effectively learn Portuguese !

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