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How to motivate high school student to learn Spanish


Motivating a teenager to learn is often a breakneck task. At this age he already has his interests and private affairs, and studying can be less important element of his life. In a situation where our child is not an enthusiast of language learning, and Spanish is one of the compulsory subjects at school, we need to show a large dose of creativity to encourage them to learn. There are several proven ways to do this.

Motivation through entertainment

There is nothing worse than forcing a teenager to study during this difficult period of his life. Pressure can make him stop trusting us and consider us his enemies who do not understand his current needs. In this situation, the best solution is positive motivation with the help of tools that will not be associated with school like classic “cramming” or boring rewriting of books. Let’s focus on entertainment, which will be pleasant and unobtrusive way to learn Spanish!


It’s hard to disagree that watching foreign-language movies or series is one of the best ways to learn foreign vocabulary. So why not use it to encourage a teenager to learn Spanish? All you have to do is find a few Spanish productions and offer him a movie night together. It is important that instead of a lector or dubbing, the translation is subtitles only. This way, while watching an interesting movie, you can quickly learn words or listen to pronunciation.

Here are a few suggestions of Spanish films in different genres, from which you will certainly choose something interesting:


  • “Ocho apellidos vascos”
  • “La tribu”
  • “Perdiendo el norte”


  • “Volver”
  • “Todo sobre mi madre”
  • “El Espinazo del diablo”


  • “Los Ojos de Julia”
  • “El Cuerpo”
  • “Secuestro”

Watching movies in Spanish will be a great way to spend a family evening, and for your teenager a stress-free and interesting form of learning Spanish.

Board games in Spanish

If a teenager is a big fan of board games, he’ll definitely like the Spanish version of the game. A board game entirely made in Spanish will be a great way to learn words and combine them with different pictures. The advantage of this form of learning Spanish is the fact that teenager can learn language spending pleasant time with friends or family and will have no sense of duty. We can choose both popular board games produced in Spanish, or typical educational board games dedicated to learning Spanish. Here are some board games in Spanish that we can find in many stationary stores or online:

  • “Lingua Ludica”
  • “Bingo de los verbos”
  • “Campeonato de Español”
  • “Cluedo”

Mobile applications

Mobile applications for smartphones are a way to encourage people to learn Spanish who do not take their eyes off the phone screen. Language applications were created in such a way to engage users with challenges, tasks and quizzes, which are a great way to take time while standing in a queue in a shop or while commuting. We recommend in particular applications such as:

  • Duolingo
  • SuperMemo
  • Lingo Arcade

Most Spanish learning applications are designed in the form of fun. Thanks to this, the user can take on new challenges and gain points, which will be an additional motivation to learn.

Learn Spanish online

If a teenager has high school Spanish exam and we see that learning this language is not his strong point, it is worth investing in a professional teacher who will methodically help the student to process the material. Classical Spanish tutoring online or stationary may not be the best choice here if we do not use the offer of a qualified teacher.

If we want a teenager to receive professional lessons, preferably taught by a native speaker, Coelho Iberian School’s offer perfectly meets this need.

All you have to do is buy a packet of hours and you will receive Spanish lessons online in a great atmosphere!

Stress-free learning in the comfort of your own room, completely online – this is a way of encouraging Spanish to learn even the most resistant teenager!

More details about the offer can be found at: https: //

Regardless of whether a teenager is expected to graduate from Spanish or simply needs to improve his grades at school, it is worth looking for such motivation to learn that will be far from school rigor. Playing with the language, whether in the form of board games, phone applications or finally online Spanish tutoring, will always bring good and lasting results.

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