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Are you a fan of Spanish cinema? Find out which films by Pedro Almodovar do we like the most!

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Cinema connoisseurs have great pleasure that they can watch their favorite movie in the original version and even more when they understand everything from it! One of our students started a Spanish online course just to be able to watch all the movies of her Spanish master in the original language. Check what movies she started with!

Spanish Online – You choose what you want to study

We always encourage our students to choose a subject that makes Spanish Online Classes a pure pleasure for them. Some rely on Spanish literature , others on learning about their favorite sports and some choose the film. We were not surprised when we received an e-mail asking if we could create Spanish online course based on conversations about selected Pedro Almodóvar films

It started with Talk to Her

The master of Spanish cinema has over 30 films in his portfolio, but our student knew exactly which films she would like to discuss in detail. The course began with a discussion on Talk to Her , because it is our student’s favorite movie. Her language level was very good, so the teacher, Óscar, suggested a conversation in Spanish . All writing and homework assignments in the Spanish Online course were also conducted in Spanish . Our student, Sofia, talked about what seduced her in this film by Almodóvar during the first class. 

Óscar, planning following classes of the course, suggested that film conversations in Spanish should be combined with typical grammar classes. For Zofia it was the optimal course of study, because she wanted to master all rules of Spanish grammar . Once the program had been established, the weekly learning went at a steady, even pace.

Volver – Spanish story about strong women

Spanish online motivated Sofia to learn enough that the next movie, Volver , was seen in the original, with Spanish subtitles . It was so much easier for her that she knew the film with a voiceover before. She said that in Volver she was intrigued by a world made of three generations of women whose fates intertwine in strange and sad circumstances. There are very few male characters in the film, and its strength is largely based on female shoulders. A great script, based on a press article that Almodovar once read, is just one of the pillars of the film. The second is the wonderful acting of Penelope Cruz, Carmen Maury, Lola Duenas and Blanka Portillo .

Latest film by the Spanish master – Pain and Glory

Three years after the release of Julieta in 2016, Pedro Almodóvar didn’t release another movie until 2019. Pain and Glory collects great reviews and so far already got, among others, Palme d’Or for the best actor ( Antonio Banderas ), as well as a Palme d’Or nomination in the main competition.

The theme of latest Almodóvar’s movie may seem autobiographical, but it is certainly not 100% so. The Spanish director created a canvas on which he presented many threads from his life, but in many moments he presented alternative fragments, wrote events that never happened. Sofia shared with us a lot of interesting film insights throughout the Spanish online classes and of course she did it all in Spanish !

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