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Algarve – what are the best things to do in the south of Portugal?

Algarve - czym kusi południowy kraniec Portugalii

Despite the fact that Algarve is a rather small region, it offers plenty of beautiful views, charming corners, paradise beaches, delicious food and unforgettable memories. If you want to start Portuguese language for beginners with us, that’s great because such holiday trips will be the perfect time to practice your skills. 

Where is Algarve

When visiting Algarve coast, you need to plan your time well, as you will quickly find out that Portugal’s south coast is an area that offers many attractions. Algarve is a small region located at the very bottom of Portugal. It stretches from Cape St. Vincent in the west, to the Guadiana River in the east. The river is the border of the countries, because it is half Portuguese and half Spanish. The Algarve region covers an area of 135 km length and width of 140 km.

Benagil Cave – the most beautiful cave in Portugal

One of the most beautiful places not only in the Algarve but also in the whole of Portugal is Benagil Cave . This place is remarkable for several reasons. First, it is a cave where the rays of the sun reach, because the Benagil vault has collapsed and formed a hole through which the sun can penetrate. Moreover, inside the cave there is a beach with golden, powdery sand. The icing on the cake is water with a beautiful azure shade that flows into the cave. Rest in such a heavenly place is true relaxation!

Lagos – beautiful cliffs

The south of Portugal is famous for its beautiful, picturesque places, but among all of them Lagos stands out significantly – the place where you will find the most cliffs and beautiful rock formations on such a small stretch of the coast. This part of the coast is very photogenic and is often photographed by tourists from all over the world. In addition to the magnificent views, in Lagos you can see a replica of the 15th century galleon, which was used by Prince Henry the Navigator on his voyages. The marina provides many attractions and historical curiosities, and tourists that want to try seafood menu will not be disappointed with the richness of flavors. 

Cape of St. Vincent – the southwesternmost point in Portugal

In ancient times, this cape was thought to be the place where the world ends – after all, it was the most southwestern tip of Portugal. On the Cape of St. Vincent Street, there is an old 19th century lighthouse, the light of which can reach a distance of 35 km into the sea. In addition, from the entire cape there is an amazingly beautiful view of the seaside landscapes. 

Faro – the capital of the region

Faro is a beautiful Portuguese city that is the largest urban center in the Algarve and the capital of the region. It is worth starting the tour from the Old Town surrounded by thick defensive walls. The buildings inside the Old Town are very old, and individual buildings date back to the 9th century. After exploring the defensive walls, you can go to Se de Faro cathedral, a building from XIII century. It was the first religious building built in Faro and its foundations were placed on the site of a former mosque. The interior of the cathedral combines two architectural styles – gothic and baroque. 

This is not the end of attractions in Algarve!

Of course, these are not all of the attractions that you can find on the south coast of Portugal. There are definitely many more and we have selected just a few of them. Most of our students who start the Portuguese for beginners courseplan their trip to Portugal after just a few classes. They want to test their progress in learning in a Portuguese atmosphere.
In our online courses you will get to know many of the interesting corners of Portugal, and most importantly, you will be prepared to have conversations in Portuguese freely.

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