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5 professions where Portuguese language will be your strong asset. Group of people, having business conversation around table.



The popularity of the languages of the Iberian Peninsula is constantly growing not only due to the 

growing tourism. Knowledge of Portuguese, beside Spanish, is increasingly desirable skill and even required of candidates for many positions. If your dream is to get a job on one of them, and Portuguese is not your strength, it’s time to change it. Let’s check in which industries employers expect the knowledge of Portuguese and what other benefits this skill brings.

Portuguese at work

International corporations gladly accept candidates who can speak foreign languages. Regarding Portuguese, contrary to as it may seem, it is not used exclusively in Portugal. It is the official language in countries such as:

  • Portugal,
  • Brazil,
  • Mozambique,
  • Angola,
  • Guinea-Bissau,
  • Equatorial Guinea,
  • São Tomé and Príncipe, 
  • Cape Verde, 
  • East Timor,
  • Macau.

However, it is widely used in many other countries: USA, France, South Africa, Great Britain, Venezuela, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Luxembourg, India, Belgium, Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Ireland, Bermuda or Barbados.

The possibility of using Portuguese is therefore very wide. Professionally, this language will be very useful in the following industries:

1. Banking

International banks willingly employ people with Portuguese language to assist foreign business clients as well as sell banking products. Fluency in this language will be an asset for a candidate applying for a managerial position associated with international delegations. Portuguese Bank Millennium has its branches all over Europe, so when applying for a job e.g. at the Warsaw headquarters, knowledge of the Portuguese language may prove to be a strong distinguishing asset in your CV.

2. Bookkeeping

This is another profession where Portuguese language will be a valuable quality. All you have to do is browse through the current job offers to see how much companies require Portuguese from its candidates. So if, as accountants, we would like to broaden our professional competence, choosing to learn Portuguese will be a hit!

3. Human Resources

International companies recruiting candidates for their clients require their employees to know foreign languages, often including Portuguese. A recruitment specialist who is able to freely interview a candidate in Portuguese will not have a problem finding a job in HR companies. It is worth remembering that knowledge of this language can be an important advantage of our candidacy, especially if we know any other foreign language such as English or German.

4. Tourism

The tourism industry is open-minded and welcomes candidates who speak foreign languages. A person with a knowledge of Portuguese can find a job in a hotel, as a resident of a travel agency, a tourist guide for groups from Portugal or tourists from other countries with the Portuguese language. There are many employment opportunities in tourism, and often only language alone, without any additional skills or experience, can help you to find a good job.

5. International trade

The last thing on the list will certainly not surprise anyone. International companies, both as a stationary store and online, employ candidates with Portuguese for customer service, as well as for the preparation of texts and translations. This language is welcome among candidates applying for office and managerial positions in many Portuguese companies that are present all over Europe and United States.

As you can see, learning Portuguese can prove to be a strong asset in many industries, on various positions. So, if the prospect of working in the professions using Portuguese listed above is attractive for you, there is nothing else to do but to start the course.

Learn Portuguese online

Portuguese classes online are great solution for people who do not have the opportunity to attend full-time courses or prefer to study individually. Learning with a professional teacher from Portugal guarantees you the highest quality of the course and learning the language directly from a native speaker. If you want to speak fluently, Portuguese conversations with your teacher will help you develop habits of correct sentence structure, quick response to the interlocutor’s questions and, most importantly, proper pronunciation.

By choosing the online Portuguese course offered by Coelho Iberian School, we can explore the basics of Portuguese, learn specialized vocabulary dedicated to a specific profession, as well as acquire the ability to talk freely.

Test our Portuguese online course for free. Define your goals. Enjoy the comfortable learning of the Portuguese language at your home. Without stress.

Now when you know what are 5 professions that we think Portuguese can be your strong asset, write in the comment if you can think of some other career path where languages from Iberian Peninsula can be very useful.

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