Prepare your students for the Erasmus + program! Practical Portuguese Classes

The Erasmus student exchange program has been operating since 1987 and constantly helps to build good relations between European universities. For some time there is also available Erasmus + program that is targeted at primary, secondary and vocational schools. Check why you should participate in the program and take advantage of its benefits. Why use […]

Spanish writers – see who is worth reading in Spanish!

There are many ways to learn Spanish effectively, but the main purpose is to make it pleasant and, above all, effective. Can you be motivated to learn Spanish by learning about the achievements of Spanish writers? Of course! Individual online Spanish classes One of our students asked if the individual course of Spanish online could […]

język portugalski online

Support the language skills of your employees – online Portuguese courses

Companies that want to grow not only within their home country but also want to operate on foreign markets should invest in the best possible preparation of employees to understand foreign reality. If you cooperate or want to expand cooperation with Portuguese markets, make sure that learning Portuguese is high on the list of priorities […]