Spanish course as a benefit for your employees

The labor market has made all companies care about their employees and try to provide them with the best working conditions, and they add pleasant benefits. All this for a simple reason – to make a satisfied employee stay with them as long as possible. How about a Spanish language course for your employees? This […]

Dreaming about job in Portugal? Better learn Portuguese!

Portugal tempts with a Mediterranean climate, comfortable temperatures, beautiful landscapes and delicious food. Let’s not forget that the Portuguese are a very nice and conflict-free nation. If holidays are not enough for you and you dream about working in Portugal, start learning Portuguese today and go ahead! Knowledge of the Portuguese language will help you […]

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Spanish language – self-learning or with a teacher?

Knowledge of Spanish is not only useful in everyday life, but also in many professions. Not everyone knows that 400 million people speak Spanish, making it the second most popular language in the world after English. If you intend to start learning Spanish, but you do not know which form of teaching to choose, this […]


How to motivate high school student to learn Spanish

Motivating a teenager to learn is often a breakneck task. At this age he already has his interests and private affairs, and studying can be less important element of his life. In a situation where our child is not an enthusiast of language learning, and Spanish is one of the compulsory subjects at school, we […]

5 Professions where Portuguese will be your strong asset

The popularity of the languages of the Iberian Peninsula is constantly growing not only due to thegrowing tourism. Knowledge of Portuguese, beside Spanish, is increasingly desirable skill and even required of candidates for many positions. If your dream is to get a job on one of them, and Portuguese is not your strength, it’s time […]